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Terms and Conditions

I hereby apply for membership of the Australian Band and Orchestra Directors Association Queensland (ABODAQ).

I acknowledge that my image may be purposefully or incidentally be captured at ABODAQ events, in the form of photographs, audio and/or video footage. Further, I acknowledge that ABODAQ may use these photographs, audio and/or video footage for promotional or archival purposes as well as during live (i.e. by streaming) or delayed (i.e. by recording) distribution to other ABODAQ members.

I acknowledge that it is necessary for ABODAQ to collect, store and use personal information in order to effectively perform its functions and activities and understand that this includes:

  1. Collection — Personal information is collected through online forms primarily to allow ABODAQ to comply with its regulatory requirement to keep a register of members.
  2. Storage — Personal information collected will be stored on ABODAQ’s secure web-server. Email addresses (but not names or any other personal information) will be stored in the MailChimp system. Further information about MailChimp’s security practices can be found here:
  3. Use — In addition to keeping a register of members, personal information will be used to contact members about events, resources, development opportunities and other related activities provided by ABODAQ or similar organisations.
  4. Disclosure — Unless compelled by an Act of Law or Law Enforcement Agency, ABODAQ will not disclose personal information it has collected.
  5. Access, amendment and removal — Upon request from an individual, ABODAQ will freely provide, amend or remove any personal information it has stored about that particular individual.