ABODA Qld is a member-operated organisation striving to improve the musical, educational and cultural excellence of instrumental music, bands and orchestras throughout schools and the wider community. We provide opportunities for music teachers and ensemble directors across the State to meet and share ideas for the advocacy of music, and professional development programs focused on improving instrumental music education and ensemble direction.

Our members are drawn from a broad spectrum of society and, although music teachers and band directors form the core our membership, support from the wider music community is essential to the success of our activities.

ABODA Qld is affiliated with ABODA National and the other state chapters.

Becoming a Member

Being a member of ABODA Qld provides access to resources, professional development events and connections with other teachers and ensemble directors across our State and nationally.

You will have exclusive access to:
  • discussion papers, articles, podcasts and other information
  • professional development events such as panel discussions, open classrooms
  • opportunities to work with guest conductors and clinicians
  • the latest information about conferences, such as ANBOC, and similar bodies such as the Asia Pacific Band Directors Association, the National Band Association (USA) and the World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE)

There are numerous benefits to becoming an ABODA Qld member, including becoming a part of the ABODA network, accessing our resource catalog and first access to our professional development programs. To discover more, join us today!

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